42 Years Experience Reading Palms,

10 years
located in the
La Crosse Area

*All readings are private & confidential.

Our Mission

Gina offers a warm and compassionate reading of future events. Insights into the people we love, events that impact our lives, and the answers we seek concerning the relationships we hold dear. Gina wishes to share her gifts from god with you.

Services and Prices

Personal Revelations, the following readings are designed to allow insight into yourself and the people who are closest to you.

$10.00 - One Palm
A spiritual decoding of the lines etched into the palm. Good for personal revelations.

$15.00 - Both Palms
A deeper reading involving the combined information that lies in both palms.

$25.00 - Psychic Reading
A Spiritual decoding of a persons aura as well as the vibrational footprint left by a persons spirit. Many mysteries can be unlocked in a person's facial feature.

Future Revelations, the following readings can read not only past and present events, but can capture a glimpse into future.

$35.00 - Tarot/Angel Card Reading
When the images on either a Tarot card, (reads both good and bad future events) or Angel card (readings show primarily good events) by an qualified reader past, present, and future event can be foretold.

$55.00 - Gina's Special Discounted Package
This includes a Both Palm reading, a Psychic Reading, and a Tarot/Angel Card reading. This multi-angled approach gives a deep personal revelation and can see into future events.

$75.00 - Crystal Reading
The energies absorbed by the crystal can be read by a spiritual reader to give a deeper read into future events than the Tarot/Angel cards.

$100.00 - Crystal Ball Reading
The Crystal Ball absorbs more personal energies than the crystal. This is the deepest reading into past, present, and future events that Gina offers.

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Hours of Operation

9am to 9pm Monday - Saturday, we are closed Sunday
*Walk-ins are welcome!

Call us at, 608.784.1818

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Where we are Located

80 Copeland Avenue
La Crosse, Wisconsin 54603

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